Hey, I'm Heather. A Health Coach for women over 40 & Creator of the High 5 Formula.

As a busy mum and business owner I understand how hard it can be to juggle all responsibilities whilst looking after our self , but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm excited to show you how I've been helping my clients go from exhausted burning the candle at both ends to oozing with confidence inside and out, full of energy and 15-30lbs lighter in as little as 12 weeks using my high 5 Formula..


When I work with clients, we don't just work on weight-loss through food and exercise.. we work together to create lasting change.

Most personal trainers and diet programs only just scratch the surface. In order to create lasting change and work around a busy schedule with endless to-do lists, we have to go deeper, that's why we work on the subconscious level to transform your habits for good.

When we work together, we re-write the rule book. That's how my ladies are able to lose dress sizes and keep it off, without ever feeling like they're on a diet.

When we work on removing the deeper blocks holding you back, we make space for more self love, more passion, more energy, more confidence.